Thursday, 22 December 2016

How do I Jump start SAP Skills?

How do I Jump start SAP Skills?


If you are a SAP user in your job, then you are most likely not too confident with your expertise on the system and the quality & quantity of training you have received for it. According to a recent survey conducted by SAP, out of 1230 participants from 83 countries 41.5 percent    professionals believed they hadn’t received adequate training needed to perform their job.

 Though this may not be an encouraging statistic, the good news is that this can be addressed effortlessly!

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·         There is a huge opportunity for SAP professionals to bridge their skill gaps through an instructor led training.

·         Don’t try to learn from scratch unless you have to begin with the basics.

·         Try to look for a qualified trainer rather than other preferences. Your emphasis should me more on the trainer than the logistics and brands.

·         +Discuss with the trainer to identify the training needs and try to target the specific areas that need to be improved or developed.

·         While selecting the training just not look for short term goals, also equally focus on long term career objectives.

·         With little additional effort try to go for SAP configuration training rather than settle with user interface.

·         Try to get insights on other relevant modules in SAP rather than focus on a single core module. For example, if you are looking for SAP SD (Sales & Distribution), combining it with M.M (Material management may be more beneficial. Finally having an edge over others is what matters than what you know in absolute terms.